Swarna Bharat Party is the only liberal party of India

Please note that Swarna Bharat Party is India’s ONLY Liberal Party

After resigning the IAS in January 2001 in order to focus on creating a national liberal party for India, I made three attempts to create/join such a party between 2000 and end-2005. One major effort in this regard was the 5-day national conference on the future of Indian political liberalism I organised through India Policy Institute in January 2004. It was attended by all the big names in the field of India’s political liberalism: Gurcharan Das, Sharad Joshi, S.V Raju, Bibek Debroy, Parth Shah, Barun Mitra and even those who have been later on found out not to be liberals, such as JP of Loksatta (then an NGO) and Madhu Kishwar. Plus there were many lesser known people at that conference.

After my second attempt (with Swatantra Bharat Party) did not go as expected, I started  a further – third – attempt through the Liberal Party of India. Gurcharan Das joined as charter member, along with a few others.

Unfortunately, LPI could not gain grassroots momentum and I therefore decided to wind it up. But – motivated by the strong initiative and commitment shown by Anil Sharma – I resumed working on the concept of an Indian national liberal party through the Freedom Team of India from December 2007.

As a result of FTI’s efforts (FTI has now shrunk back to an association from being a Trust), the Swarna Bharat Party was created in June 2013. That this was more of an accident than by design is a side issue now. We have decided to take this forward and put in our best effort.

SBP not only has the world-best manifesto, it is THE ONLY GENUINE LIBERAL PARTY OF INDIA. My articles – which were carried as centre-pieces in the Times of India – have announced this to the entire country in clear terms. Internationally, SBP is already recognised as India’s liberal party (e.g. Horasis India conference, 2017).

A Fake “Liberal Party of India” is trying to sabotage liberalism in India

In the meanwhile, one rather deceptive and devious person by name of Anand Prasad came in contact with me in early 2017. I have written about him here:

Beware of the “Liberal Party of India” being “created” by Anand Prasad (see also on my blog, here)

Critique of Anand Prasad’s so-called “Liberal Party of India’s” “agenda for transformation” (see also on my blog, here)

This devious man purports to be interested in political liberalism but both he and his ideas are obnoxious and unsuitable for India. I’m writing this post today (1 April 2018) so anyone who thinks of joining him becomes adequately cautious, for they will be burnt by a dictatorial, illiterate and confused man who has NO CLUE about liberalism, personal integrity and team building.



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One thought on “Please note that Swarna Bharat Party is India’s ONLY Liberal Party
  1. Ujwal

    Dear Sabhlok ji.. prannam..hoping you r doing great. Well I hv gone though your artical&noting on Mr.Anand, as I was associated with mr.Ramesh Gupta n becz of his call I got associated with Liberal party of india..but my experienced was like you as u hv described here. However.. I m not one of those who take shits from other. .I returns with as it deemed fit. Well, please do let me know your contact nos, if we can meet later in this or nxt month begining. .thnx once again.. n prannam.. ujwal my email id.. ujwal6666@gmail.com


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