Rid India of the socialism, corruption, and religious hatred promoted by existing parties



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Call for candidates by Sh. Sharad Joshi in 1995 (jpg image - 170KB)


Those who believe in liberal values such as the strong role of government in the task of governance and the complete abstinence from the addiction of bureaucrats to run our hotels, industry, and trade, as well as the complete and aggressive neutrality of governments in matters related to opinions on history, culture, and religion, have to give a serious battle to the evil forces that have completely disabled any form of governance in this country. 


All forces of liberalism in India are asked to unite under the Swatantra banner.  The spirit of Rajaji's battle against Nehruvian socialism has been revived! But now we are also battling to forces of Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi's brand of mediaeval sword rattling.


By hiding from battle -- and the battlefield is the elections, we can only strengthen the horrendously corrupt forces of Indira's Congress, and the mediaeval warriors of BJP who fraudulently swore allegiance to secularism while registering their Gothic party in modern India.


This is a call for Generals. If you wish to hide and watch the country destroyed by these marauding gangs of thugs, you are not a general and we can do without you. But if you are willing to lead and contest these battles, one at a time, then please step forward.


All generals in this war are requested to enrol under the Swatantra banner, and to contest the forthcoming general elections in each and every parliamentary and legislative assembly seat. Please be sure that you are a true general and not a pretender, for if you have skeletons in your cupboard and a merely presenting a front of integrity, we would rather do without you in this war.


You must also be a serious general, and not contest for the sake of contesting.


If you qualify, please write to candidate@liberalpartyofindia.sabhlokcity.com


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