Liberal Party of India, 2005

Click here for the original archival link to Liberal Party of India that was created by Sanjeev Sabhlok in 2005 along with a few charter members who included Gurcharan Das.

The following table is taken from the original archival link:

Promoting your freedom to achieve
The party is now setting up its new principles, constitution etc.

Policy positions

Proposed cabinet decisions

Blog site of the party

FAQ on new, clean politics

Pillars of LPI

Liberal budget

Liberal politics in India

Guided by the head. Ruled by the heart

Advancing freedom since 1959 (as Swatantra)

Founded 12 April 2005. An attempt was made by Indian liberals in early 2004 to renew the efforts of 1959 through the Swatantra Bharat Party. Unfortunately that effort failed on many grounds including accountability.

A new party has now been floated on 12 April 2005, called, tentatively, the Liberal Party of India (LPI). LPI accepts in its fold those committed to providing India with

  • Integrity
  • Security of religious liberties  and
  • Worlds best economic policies.

We are India’s modern political platform. Join right now and prepare to take the banner of Rajaji, Masani, Gurcharan Das and others to the hustings when we are ready.

Charter members

Sanjeev Sabhlok, Balbir Talwar, Gurcharan Das, Dev Chopra, Nalin Malhotra, Rajiv Verma, H.P.Agrawal


Writings and speeches of founders, members, and supporters of Swatantra and LPI. These include: Rajaji, Masani, Munshi, Ranga, Sanjeev Sabhlok, Gurcharan Das, Ashok V. Desai, Parth Shah, and Jayaprakash Narayan


Liberal Shamiana

India Policy Institute

Centre for Civil Society

Political bridges across the world

Policy bridges across the world

What is liberalism?

Are you liberal? | Assumptions of a liberal (Word doc) | Liberal chain of thought

Beware of these communal parties

Communalism of the Congress and BJP | BJP are not true Hindus

Join the Party and its cells

Young liberal Cells

Liberal Trade Union Federation

To join the party, write to Sanjeev Sabhlok at Sabhlok AT yahoo DOT com

The official website of the Liberal Party of India