Rid India of the socialism, corruption, and religious hatred promoted by existing parties




1. Integrity above all

By ensuring that there is no black spot on the party's image, we send a signal that only the best and the clean need apply. This image is also the guarantor that the party need not seek resources of dubious origin to promote its candidates. The candidates' reputation and credibility will take them where crores of rupees will not. Voters, on the whole, are not driven by "bribes". Indeed, they have the last laugh, taking `bribes’ from all parties but voting only vote for what in their opinion is the best alternative.


2. Uniform and reasonable support to candidates

By ensuring that the party provides a consistent message through the media and other avenues in a cost-effective manner, and a nominal amount to the local candidates, we provide a consistent and reliable supporting service to our candidates. This ensures that not only new candidates with liberal views but also those who are currently standing as independents since they are disgusted with existing parties, feel better off by seeking the support of the party.


3. Only the very best candidates to be put forward

The party is designing a mechanism to screen potential candidates applying in response to public advertisements. Something similar is done in Australia, where the Liberal Party selects candidates through a rigorous process. Applicants are forbidden to promote their case, but are required, if shortlisted, to appear before a selection team comprising eminent liberals who verify the credentials and opinions of the candidate, etc., before recommending his or her selection.


4. No short-term gains or opportunism

The party eschews opportunistic alliances with an eye on winning elections or getting to and staying in power. Such alliances, bereft of ideology and ideals, are antithetical to clean politics. Steering clear of power-driven alliances will send a clear signal of ideological clarity and idealism. Indeed, there is no party on the political horizon with which alliances can be formed. It may be necessary to help oppose undemocratic developments like the Emergency, blatantly communal politics and parties, socialist economic policies or support policies that further democracy, liberalism and the rule of law. However, such support will be provided from the outside on a case to case basis. Under no circumstances can this party consider actually joining a coalition government comprising parties that are statist and illiberal.


With these four pillars in place, the image of the party and its processes would attract many eminent and capable liberals who are currently “hiding” from electoral politics.