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Who is labour?

The working-class is not a class by itself. It does not represent a unique category of human being.  All human beings are workers.  By providing services, in whatever form, all of us contribute in a manner that is appropriately rewarded.


All of us are part of labour.  Each of us does or tries to do what one can do best.  By labouring as a writer, Karl Marx also laboured.  Writers, poets, artists, managers, bankers, rickshaw pullers and airplane pilots, are all labour.


When the child of a rickshaw puller becomes a banker, or the child of a manager becomes a plumber, all are doing the best they can.  Knowledge workers, the basic ingredient of a modern society, are also workers and part of labour.


Collective bargaining in a liberal society

Collective bargaining for seeking a level playing field for workers, for seeking the health and safety of workers, and for seeking to educate workers in their rights such as the rights for equal opportunity and to fight against any misuse of power by those who happen to be able to employ workers, is a critical part of the checks and balance of a liberal society.



We would like to support all Trade Unions in their legitimate concerns.  We would indeed like to do precisely that -- support you in every way that we can.  We do not want to run your union.  We would like each organisation to fund its own unions, and we would like to support you with literature, training, and advocacy.


We would like your union to be endorsed by us for purposes of advocating membership of the Board of your organisation. We believe in the cooperative model of Japan where Unions are members of the Board.


We want to support you but you must support us in our campaign for new governance, clean politics, and a competitive economy.  We ask you to join the Swatantra Trade Union Federation (STUF), and we have much stuff to offer!


We will train you represent your case better to your organisation.  But please keep in mind, the bottom line is that in a competitive economy which generates wealth for you and your children, jobs are no longer guaranteed in any one organisation.  As the markets demand different products and the supply adjust to these demands, you as a union will have the obligation to train workers who are laid off.


We will ensure that competitive situations where new opportunities continuously emerge, will absorb almost every single worker that may have to be redeployed in the economy through the forces of supply and demand.


Our leverage with business and industry, our driving the government into new and appropriate policies that will generate phenomenal growth and improved infrastructure, are your guarantee of support from workers.


To join the umbrella organisation Swatantra Trade Union Federation (STUF):


Please write to tradeunion@liberalpartyofindia.org