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This is an archive of the web content of the Party as at mid-2005, maintained by Sanjeev Sabhlok, co-founder.

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Writings and speeches of founders, members, and supporters of Swatantra and SBP 

Ashok Desai

Liberalisation and liberalism in India (1995). Liberal Times 4/95


Gurcharan Das

1. The only alternative. TIMES OF INDIA SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28, 2002

2. Performance vs ideology. TIMES OF INDIA SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, 2003


Sanjeev Sabhlok

1. Party building – some thoughts. 2003

1. SBP – an ordeal through fire, 2004

2. Free markets are democratic, mid-2003

3. Top 10 system changes in India’s governance 28 February 2004

5. The greatest obligation of a liberal. 14 June 2003

5. Liberalism as the vaccine against terrorism, 16 August 2003. (will be reviewed)

6. Uniform Civil Code – a violation of a human being’s basic freedom  Nov 2004


Parth J. Shah

Wanted: a Liberal Party. The Economic Times, May 15, 2002


Jayaprakash Narayan

Political Parties and Indian Democracy, 1998


Indrajit Barua

The case for a review of the Constitution,  23 August, 2000


C. Rajagopalachari

Save freedom. Why Swatantra, 1960


Minoo Masani

To provide A Democratic Alternative. Why Swatantra, 1960


K.M. Munshi

To Restore Fundamental Rights. Why Swatantra, 1960


N.G. Ranga

To Preserve Family Economy.  Why Swatantra, 1960


Sharad Joshi

1. Any Hope for Indian Liberals? Liberal Times 4/95 (1995)

2. Address at the IPI Seminar, 9 January 2004