Rid India of the socialism, corruption, and religious hatred promoted by existing parties





If you are frustrated by the mess created by our politicians who have systematically robbed India over the past 56 years, who have created barriers on entrepreneurship and even on jobs, and you are looking for a complete transformation of India, then you have to work for it in a manner that will permanently remove these barriers.


If only India had listened to men like Jagdish Bhagwati, Rajaji, Munshi, Masani and Ranga, among others (see Word document), who were preaching the enormous danger looming ahead of India if India continued down the socialist path of the then parties, building chains around every individual in the country and making kings out of bureaucrats, you would have had a booming economy (10 times more powerful than what it is today) and booming employment opportunities for all.


We the liberals have been vindicated repeatedly in history, as the only ones that truly understand the drivers of innovation, enterprise, peace, justice, and well-being of the people. The entire West, to which you look at longingly, is based on sound underlying principles of liberalism.


Old fogies who are trying to make this modern India into a mediaeval battlefield, are history themselves. These are the last and completely irrelevant remnants of a misguided religion-based interpretation of what people need. We want employment, wealth, peace and fun! Not stupid riots and killings, not atrocious hark-backs to people who are dead and gone!! We want to fly and these idiots want us to swim in each other’s blood.


Those who have mis-ruled India and made it into a dustbin, have to be challenged and fought at every step by those who understand better. You are asked to fight, not sit tight.


This is a call for all youth India to join the Young Liberal movement, a group that understands what liberalism can bring to India and to your future. You are asked to create the demand for new governance and clean politics, and to contest elections under the Swatantra Bharat Party banner. Listen to, and heed, the modern voices of Sharad Joshi, Gurcharan Das, Ashok Desai, Madhu Kishwar, and many others!


To start a Young Liberal cell in your school, college, or University: Please write to youthwing@liberalpartyofindia.org

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